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The one characteristic God has given us is our “will”.  With this gift, we have the right to make decisions either for Him or against Him.  There is no gray area, no middle ground.  Our ultimate goal in life is to have the “will” to worship Him.  If you are not worshiping Him, then you are worshiping the enemy.  It is as simple as this.  There will be those who will say, “I don’t worship the Devil!” but in essence you do “if” you are not actively worshiping God.  There is no middle ground.

In my learning to overcome addiction, I came to this knowledge which I believe is God-directed.  In order for me to reach my full potential I had to offer Him the one thing He has given me:  my “will”.  If I continued to hold onto it, I could never please Him fully.  You see, although He has given it to me, He waits until I have realized the true allegiance and love I can give Him is to offer it back.  So, one day I did.  I turned over my “will” to Him and asked Him to take charge of it.

What did I get in return?  His love and complete care of my life.  I know, now, it wasn’t me which kept me from my addictions but His guidance directing my “will” I put back into His hands.  I have no such thing as “will power” because it was corrupted and filled with sin.  The power of my “will” got me into the trouble I ended up in because I didn’t know how to use it properly and learned later if it weren’t God-directed it would be Devil-directed.  What do I have now which I can call my own?  Nothing!  I don’t want anything God hasn’t given me.  Period.

When people say you need “will power” to overcome addiction, they don’t realize it was the “power of the will” which got you in it!