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There is a difference in the words which you may not understand.  One provides selfishness to the effort while the other is purer in intention.  When we feed the hungry, for example, by serving in our ministerial efforts with our church, and we’re continuing to feed the same person(s) month after month, this is “caretaking”.  It makes us feel better because we are doing something.  We’re using our resources to help someone.  In actuality, this is all it is and it does not empower the person we think we’re helping to receive the help they need to where they don’t need us anymore.

“Taking care” is when we put our efforts into helping that loved one, addict, homeless or just hungry to the point in life where they can begin to do for themselves.  There will come pain at some point because we draw the line of separation so they can begin to grow on their own, which is replaced with joy because when they in turn have grown, now they can begin to provide help to others and this is what life is really all about.

Don’t get caught in the web of deceit of “caretaking” which is selfish based.  Let a loved one go so they can develop and grow into the person they need to be.  God is waiting for you to begin backing off so He can come forward to assist them.  His motives are purely driven by love.  Until we learn this of ourselves, we only continue to dig the hole which is keeping the person there.

Grow strong in the Lord and find it is His will now and not mine.

Vikki Blossom