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Today I received a “thank you” from someone I didn’t know was a reviewer of the devotionals I write.  It was encouraging and became the catalyst of this devotional which you will read today:

In ministry, we are told what to do by a much greater influence than we can imagine.  We are not told why or for whom, but just to do.  There will be many, perhaps, who will be touched by the words which you write, speak or sing.  Although it is a privilege to be involved in ministry, it is not so much for us as it is for those whom we may never know; makes me consider Christ when He was here healing the sick and relieving distress from many others and how few responded in just saying, “thank you”.  Certainly, He deserved more, but the lesson was about the “giving” and not the “receiving”, but it is so nice when we are told just how much someone has been blessed by our efforts, of ourselves being used.

If God has placed something within your heart to give someone, give it.  We are not responsible for the message or how others will receive it.  We are only responsible for giving it.  How many times did you read or hear something which gave you what you needed to get you through a difficult situation?  Now, it is your turn to be used in such a manner.  Yesterday, I received a call from someone who is in distress.  I invited them to share a meal with me, to help them to unwind.  They promised they would call within a few hours.  They hadn’t.  I’ve done what I felt led to do, but it is not our responsibility to force what we have to give on those who cannot, or will not, receive.  Just do what God has asked you to do so one day you will hear Him say, “Well done”.


Whatever God has done on our behalf has always been “Well done”.  Let it be said what you do for others, is the same.