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Take a moment to stop what you are doing and step outside the maddening rush and think about what He is doing in your life.  Think about how today it is so much better than it was yesterday and why is this so.  Think about how He loves you so much despite what you have done or what you will do.  The fact is, He just loves you so much He is willing to bring all Heaven’s resources to guarantee your safe arrival into the kingdom on that day.  So, just take a moment today to reflect upon this.

What we are involved in is very real.  People are dying all around us.  Some know it and most don’t care.  They’ve given up.  It is truly sad when you think about it because we, too, were in the same situation but yet we’re not on the brink of disaster for eternity but right on the shores of happiness forevermore, and why is this?  Again, certainly when you think about the things you have done, it is has nothing to do with merit.  So, why is it we’re given this special gift of being so honored?  Can you take a moment to think about this?

If you’d just take a moment to understand why your life has been spared, these moments will continue to grow until they’ve become minutes, hours, days and weeks of appreciating who God really is.  He has healed you from a terrible ordeal many believe there is no cure.  So, they continue to waddle in their self-pronounced illness when they didn’t have to do so.  They refused to take the very same moment you have chosen to take to consider what great thing God has done and continues to do for each of us, who take a moment to realize it!


If you take a moment to think about it, you will learn it was just a moment of time when God pronounced you clean from all manner of sickness and disease.