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When one becomes a bit too confidant in their “clean-living” and forget how strong the urge was in the past to use, you will find yourself leaving the choice you have known and made and falling backward into what used to be your past.  It’s inevitable.  The Good Book raises the question, “Can you take fire and bring it close to you without getting burned?”  You cannot.  When this occurs you are going to be faced with a precious knowledge you must use immediately: allow your experience of what got you to where you were to be effective in bouncing back.

This is the major opportunity we have, “bouncing back”.  You have good and positive experiences like eating, being sheltered, wearing nice and clean clothing, relationships, employment, and health to be the point which you balance what you have done against what you still want.  It has taken a long journey to get to this place of happiness and security then to forego and leave it all behind—again!  What is the sense of this?

The Good Book also mentions how in the life of sin, as a “dog returns to his vomit” the difference between us and them is we do not have to sit and make a meal of it.  Surely, having a whiff of it in your nostrils should remind you enough of what was and leave immediately for what can be.  This is an opportunity not to remain in depression and despair but to rise again and demonstrate what you have learned is true:  There is a God who gives all power in overcoming all manner of sickness and disease.  It’s time to bounce back!


You don’t have the right to sin as much as you have the right to stop. You see, to sin you get no help from God, but to stop, all Heaven is at your availability!