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In 2013, returning from prison, I came home to find my laptop’s hard-drive damaged and had not for the effort from a good friend whose life is involved in computer technology, I would have lost all my efforts of this book.  However, in putting all of the written days together, I came across this particular day repeating what I wrote yesterday!  So, I was left with the task of writing something meaningful.

I could tell you I’m still drug-free and still inspired to work for those who are still living, “out there”.  I could also mention I no longer live in the United States but now living in retirement in Manila, Philippines.  I could tell you had someone told me in 1991 when I lost everything, even almost my life, due to drugs, I would have all of this wonderful future ahead of me, I would not have believed them.  But, I do.  I’m happy and willing for each day to arrive to live its adventure.

So, the message today is for you to not think about what happened over the years, but wonder what will be the future, which you have no way of knowing today.  Where will you be, live and doing?  There is only one way for you to have the opportunity of living in that time and this is by concentrating on what your purpose is for today!


Whatever our past might have been has no determination of what our future will be.