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When God has called you from the life of addiction and given you the gift of healing, He will more than likely have you go back to wherever you have come from.  When he healed the woman who was brought to Him caught in adultery, whose habit was lust, He sent her back with the warning, “Go and sin no more”.  When He healed the demoniac who wanted to remain with Him, Jesus sent him back to his home, clothed in his right mind, as evidence of what He is more than willing to do for everyone who comes to Him believing and trusting.

We can no longer live in fear.  When God sent me back to my home in New York, I recognized I had fears about the city where my drug addiction originated.  I feared those: persons, places and things we are told; but God would not let this be a part of my life.  He has called me to go back for this is where ministry will begin for me.  To go back to those mean streets and walk them in the middle of the night as evidence what He has done for me and will do for those who are still, “out there”.   Was I afraid?  Yes, admittedly I was, but only until I began to understand His mission for me, then I began to understand His soothing but yet strong commission:  “I have not given you a spirit of fear.”

When God Himself has brought you out from what you feared the most, this life of addiction, He will need you to go back and reach others only you’re able to do so.  Therapists, counselors will not know the streets as you know them.  People will come to you and mean you harm, for sure, but you now have a host of angels surrounding you.  There will be that one man or woman who will recognize you from having been but not anymore and then you will be able to extend the lifeline which will make all the difference in their life, too.


Others will never know of the “hope” unless we are willing to show it.