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Life is full of them.

When we try to escape making them and abiding by them, then we are not living up to our responsibility.  Some are forced upon us while others come by the direction in which we are headed.  Nothing is by chance.  In many cases, it is those decisions we are making, is the way God is directing us.  Step by step.

When you come to a crossroad and know this is a time when you and He need to spend some alone time together, do it.  Do not look to pass this off onto someone else, for it is your life and it determines next where God will take you.  You have to do this.  However, it is always better when you have consulted Him for He knows in the way He wishes for you to go.  God will always honor the decision you make even more so when you have done as He has requested.

Do not be afraid of making a decision.  Do not procrastinate and shirk the opportunity of a lifetime to go forward and do something exciting.  Before anything there is doubt, frustration and anxiety.  You must know it by now when you do go forward you are amazed at how those fears, at first, are totally unfounded, and how He had made a provision for you.

Whatever needs your attention, today; a decision which needs to be made, make it.


Go to the people and show them My way. Teach them how to give thanks, to kneel and pray.

Vikki Blossom