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As we close out this last day of the month, let us think about what God had in mind when He saw us begin this journey into addiction.  You need to see nothing is wasted by God, even those evil moments.  Haven’t you seen already how your testimony is effective when sharing with others?  It is my belief God has called us into a special ministry to reach those who suffer just as we have.  If you are in recovery ministry there is someone who just entered while we have concluded a month and we need to befriend this person and let them know they, too, can make it.

If you are outside and resuming life, there is someone you can tell and offer encouragement it doesn’t have to be like this anymore.  Live your life as an example.  God will put people in your path who will be watching you.  How you live, speak and proceed in those things you do will speak volumes for those who have no hope or losing what little they have.  Remember when we were like this just so many days, weeks, months and years ago?  What was the turning point for you?  We need to reflect upon this many times.  We just may be the turning point for others.

Yes, we are serving God; however, we cannot discount the serving of our fellowmen and women.  They need to know how God made changes in your life.  Tell them.


Praising God is also uplifting others.