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It may seem it is taking such a long time to get from experience to experience, but rest assured God has His eye on us and knows fully well what He is doing.  One of the cruelest things God could ever do is give a blessing we are not able to handle.  He would never show us something we could never attain.  So, before He can make these offerings available to us, He has to prepare us to be able to receive them.  And this can and probably will take varying times for us.

We need to develop patience.  There is nothing happening outside which we will miss.  There is absolutely nothing and no one who can take from you what God intends you to have.  This is an absolute truth.  When we read in the Bible the story of Joseph, or Daniel and others, it seems everything happened within a short period of time, but in fact, many years passed when what was told was actually realized.  During this time those great men, who are our examples, had to learn how to be patient and wait on God.  When you are living outside the confines of a 24 hour period and there isn’t any constraint on doing something because of losing time, then God can act, on our behalf, when it is proper time.  He is not worried you will pass away and not be able to receive what He has for you.  It is a guarantee you will receive it.

Our sights should be set not on the temporal things of this earth.  These things are nothing.  Let’s begin to spend more time getting ourselves prepared so we can receive the ultimate gift of God’s blessing which can be given to us in our present state, eternal life.


God has so much to show you, but remember, He knows best how to bring it all about.