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Do you wish to know what God has planned for you and how to receive wisdom, and power, and be humble at the same time?  This is what we are being called to achieve.  It may seem an enormous task of impossibility but we are not asked to do it alone.  One of the most important aspects of recovery is learning how to keep the body in its place.  There are many desires and urges, especially during addiction, we have had to deal with and now that life is finished for us, there will rise to the surface others which have been suppressed while our addiction ran its course.  We need to put our body down.

How do we accomplish “putting our body down”?  Surrendering to God.  When you have decided to let God handle your affairs, mysteriously those things which seemed important before no longer have such a hold on us.  It really is the strangest thing.  When the “taste”, as it were, is being diminished for a particular interest then we are capable to make decisions based upon judgment and common sense.  No longer are we held captive to that urge because God has placed us in a position of power to make a good choice.  Make the choice which is best.

When you have made the choice, God then directs you in which way to go and good things will begin to replace those things you would have done previously.  Those temptations will arise again and again, but each time they grow weaker and weaker until they’re gone once and for all.  We must keep in mind there is an enemy who, too, is concerned about us and doesn’t want to lose us.  He will not continue to put in your path those things which aren’t working anymore.  He will try other deceitful lifestyle habits, but rest assured you have a God who is more than aware of what He is doing and is providing you with all you need to combat the problems.


Saying “no” to what feels good is saying “yes” to what is better for us.