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This is what I had to learn.  It’s a continuation of what I shared with you yesterday about those things of what we need and have.  Along the same line, God needs for us to understand who we are in relation to Him.  Before He can give you strength and power He needs you to understand where you are lacking.  So many of us, and I am most definitely in this group, thought we were all that and no one could tell us we weren’t.  The reason why we were able to accumulate wealth and shiny things in life was because of who we were.  There was an “entitlement” we thought the world owed us because for the mere fact we are here.  We expected the best and believed should have been given the best.  Until that fateful day…

A baby comes into the world knowing only one thing, “I need…”  Whatever they don’t have is counter-balanced with a desire and urge to attain.  A baby needs food but unable to chew, but instinctively God has blessed the child with the ability to suck in order to obtain nourishment.  How many of us when knocked down had too much pride to “suck it up” in order to receive our basics?  It took all I was worth to be able to stand in a line where they were handing out food.  Too much pride!  God had to remove it.  I learned this most important rule of life, when someone offers you something, receive it.  They didn’t have to offer and perhaps it was God who told them to do it.  Don’t deny them their blessing.  Remove your pride, no, get rid of it altogether so you can, too, enjoy life.

Before God is able to offer you blessings He intends to give you, He needs to make you aware of who you are and what you are incapable of doing for yourself.  He is a loving Father who loves to shower blessings and gifts upon His children—us.  We need to learn how to “suck it up”, get rid of the pride and open our arms wide to receive His love.


God can only give when we are willing and able to receive.