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…is what God has given us and we need to learn how to be content with it.  Many of us came from money and had nice things before entering into this life of addiction.  Perhaps you, as in my case, have come to realized although the devil meant it for harm, God turned it around and made it for our good.  Had I continued in the life I did, I was doomed.  It was all about “me” and what I could accumulate and not about “God” and how I could be a blessing to others.  God allowed those things to be removed from me so they would no longer be a distraction.  Now, I can see God clearly for the first time in my life.

God may never restore those things we had and may give us a fraction of what He gave before and this should be okay with you.  When you think about it we really don’t need those things anyway.  God has promised to provide your basic needs.  This is a promise and should He give you more, then realize how blessed you are.  If you have been given just a little more don’t put the blessing in place of God.  I thought houses, cars, money, boats, jewelry and electronics was all there was to life until God removed those things from me.  Today, I am happier than ever before and I am able and desiring to bless those who have less, some have nothing.  No matter how bad it got for me while being, “out there”, I never had “nothing”.    I had the clothes on my back, good health despite what I was doing to myself, and family and friends who love me.  Actually, is there anything else more desirable?

When you have decided to make the choice to come over onto God’s side, He will see to it your happier days are ahead of you, so there is no need to look backwards in memory.


Whatever you haven’t got, God hasn’t meant it for you.