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There will be plenty of times when you are going to feel as if you are alone.  Whether you are in a program or ministry, it seems although the people surrounding you came from where you did, are really not with you.  Even if you have finished your time there and are back trying to resume life, you will go through a period of what may seem as being isolated from family and friends.  No one understands exactly where you are, hesitant because they fear you may make a mistake and they don’t want to be the cause or witness.  So, you will have this feeling of being all alone in this venture of moving forward.

This is the time to recognize God.  In order for Him to be as close to you as necessary He will cause others to briefly step away.  He wants you to see Him as He really is, always there and loving and caring for you.  He wishes you to have a relationship with Him.  Talk “with” Him instead of “to” Him.  Learn to share with Him your thoughts and feelings.  Speak aloud to Him and be grateful you can have this “alone” time to do so.  So many times in Recovery, we want wholesome attention to replace the attention we got in addiction.  God doesn’t want “replacements” in your life.  He wants to offer you a life of purity.  He doesn’t desire you to trade addictions.

When the attempts come to distract you and rest assured they will, find a quiet place to spend time with Him.  Remove yourself from the “noise” of life and you will learn being alone will be just the right strategy for seeing how close God really is to you.  Being alone is not so bad, after all.


With God being everywhere we can never be alone, so don’t push Him away.