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So many times while in recovery many will appear to speak “down” to you.  It’s as if you are a little baby and have no understanding.  For some, you may be infantile in your Christian walk but God knows how to raise His children.  However, do not allow what you hear to affect you as much as what you see; and when you have seen with your own eyes how others are, set it in your mind you will do your best to “live” an example for others to see rather than using your mouth.  This will speak volumes of who you are and of Whom you follow.

My own personal problem is my mouth.  I love to talk.  When I am conversing with someone about a particular subject, and I know it so well and can see where they are in error, I just have this overwhelming need to interrupt them and put them back on track.  What I am learning as I get older, this doesn’t work.  I’m learning how to be patient with myself more than with them.  I’m learning they are helping me to see me and the problems I have with myself.  This is why God brought this person into my presence.  It’s not me for them, but them for me.  I ask God, “Please show me what it is about this person you are trying to show me, about me, which needs attention.”  And He does it.

The same God who is speaking to you is also dealing with the other person.  There will be proper time for some correction but recognize where the correction is coming from.  It is God through you and not God because of you.  He doesn’t need you!  What He needs is for you to see where you need some help, so take it and use it for your own benefit.


Nowhere in Scripture do we find Jesus arguing with anyone.  He let His life provide the answer others were seeking.