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God is not as complex as people would have you believe.  You are now brought into a closer relationship with Him and those who are over you sometimes start speaking in 16th century English as if they, during prayer, were transported back in time when the King James Version of the Bible was printed.  Perhaps, too, those visiting ministers begin speaking difficult subjects too hard for you to comprehend about futuristic events taking place and how you should be prepared, what you must do, and you are not quite sure what in the world he is talking about!  It is not as difficult, clean-living, so don’t worry about this.  You are doing just fine.

While God uses man in order to assist in bringing about change in other men, He doesn’t want you to get confused about what man is doing.  Quite frankly, man is confused and in his confusion he is trying to make sense about what he doesn’t really understand.  Don’t let man’s confusion become yours.  You see, although God is so magnificent and we can never truly understand Him, but it is for certain He understands us.  Because of this understanding He begins to share Himself with us in amounts we are able to understand.  Go with this formula:  If you don’t understand it, it is not for you at this time.  He is so knowing He knows what to give you and how to give it so you are knowledgeable.  He would never waste truths on you if you are not able to receive them.

Speak plainly to God when you are praying and you will find He will speak plainly to you.  The enemy had you confused while being, “out there”.  The Savior won’t do that to you.


God is a Master of clarity.  Leave your confusion wherever you found it.