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Now that you are having a relationship with God there are requirements to maintaining a right relationship with Him.  There are basically two rules:  Love God and honor Him.  The second one is love others as yourself.  Now in order to fully comply with these two, you have to learn the other eight which demonstrate how to bring about full compliance and assurances you are on track.  Don’t you just love it?  When you are dealing with friends you are not often quite sure what will make them unhappy because we change so much and are dealing with moods; but with God, this is never the case.  He doesn’t change regarding us.

God is exact in His dealings with us, so we don’t have to concern ourselves with fluctuations, and we need to understand whatever God does in relation to us is always based upon “love”.  This is the principle upon which He operates.  Therefore, our response in dealing with Him should be the same.  We should “love” to attend services where worship is being made.  We should “love” to be surrounded by those of like faith and share with them what is our experience.  We should “love” to be in ministry to those who are struggling just as we have and can offer them the benefit of our testimony to let them know it doesn’t have to always be this way.  We should be full of “love”.

Let me be very clear.  If you are going through the motions, you will not make it.  It has to be a clear duty and we must be committed to Him because it is through Him we are able to make this work.  Clean-living is a direct result of His involvement upon our lives.  No matter how strong we believe about ourselves, the truth is, it is only because of what He is doing are we able to have what we are enjoying today.


Just as we have an obligation and duty to serve Him, God has placed the same upon Himself toward us!