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The very day you decided to come in from being, “out there” something wonderful took place in the upper regions you are not able to see.  God’s presence surrounded you.  The angels themselves surrounded you and provided protection from the enemy who long held you within his grasp.  Somehow, someway, a miracle took place.  There was an agreement between you and the Creator and He began creating to set everything in place to receive you and begin what you are doing today.

Allow me to dispel a belief I heard once about angels fearing to tread where you were.  What would they have to fear?  They know God and are quite aware of His protective power over what is His, so they do not fear when they are sent to protect His people from the enemy.  The enemy has no power over them.  Whatever angels he was able to steal from heaven, he’s got, and there aren’t any more signing up.

And if the angels were there to protect you, wasn’t God’s presence with you, too?  Yes, He was.  He was in every bar, crack-house, whorehouse, street, clinic, wooded area you found yourself during the addiction.  He never left you at all.  When He drew closer to you it was because you opened not only your mind but your heart to receive Him, and when this occurs, He doesn’t wait for a second invitation.


As long as you keep your arms opened wide, He will always fill them with His presence.