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Once you know and learn to respect Him then begins the relationship with God.  A relationship has two participants who care for each other and desires not to cause pain to the other.  You enjoy being together and sharing your heart.  You look forward to time together and making plans for the future.  You are now in a relationship with Him and it begins to take on qualities not had as strangers.

Whether you are in the ministry or back in normal life you will never be the same again.  You come to know you are not alone in your fight for clean-living.  You have a Support system which is second to none.  Whenever you have a bad moment, He is there.  This is the time when your relationship will become a substantive quality of life.  You will then see you are not alone.  He will change you, your thinking, your actions and who you were into a new person others can appreciate and enjoy.  People will begin listening to you for even your conversation begins to take on substance.

Recognize your position in this relationship.  Although you can never be equal with God as a man and woman in a marital relationship, but you are lifted higher than where you were.  God cannot see you as an equal but as a friend Who He desires to be around.  He is just so loving, kind, friendly, and desires to be the major part of your life.  He wants to bring you Home.


Nothing compares to having a relationship with God.