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Too often while in our ignorance we lumped God with common thoughts, language and events.  I was just reflecting back when I entered recovery ministry many did not know Him and when there was a concert, in a tent in an urban environment, the performer performed in a way which was reminiscent of being in a club and had those in the ministry doing sensual dancing in a so-called worship service!  To show my displeasure, I stepped out of the tent area and refused to participate in any way, and surely I was questioned later and was told, “You have to bring God down to the people in order for them to understand Him and become ‘saved’”.  This did not sit well for me.

You don’t “bring God down” to any level.  You bring people up to Him.  You have to separate the vile from the holy, the common from the sacred, this is the only way those who are coming into a relationship with Him will learn and recognize there is a distinction which must be maintained.  Our language, thoughts and acts take on a different form.  We are no longer the same nor should our activity.

God is willing to be placed within the reach of man but not so low as to be under his feet.  We don’t “use” Him for any purpose which is not well-meaning to lift man up from the mess he is in.  This is why He cannot be a “god of our understanding” because it is our understanding which is polluted and sinful.  He must be seen as an “understanding God” who loves us and takes into account our condition and willing to lift us to join with Him.


You can never lower God to the level of man.