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Some will tell you the way to overcome addiction is by “will power”.  I don’t understand how they could say this.  Many times, no, thousands of times I exercised my “will power” and stated, “I will do this drug”,  and, I was successful.  Will power is not what will do it.  The power of the will is not strong enough to break such a vicious cycle of addiction.  We must come to the conclusion I am not strong enough and never will be and when you have decided this is “truth” in your life, then and only then are you able to fight this war using much better weapons.

Man has been given one characteristic God will not take away from him, the “will”.  God has given you this part of your personality which makes you, you.  While on my journey toward recovery I learned a very important lesson.  If you really wish to live a life of clean-living or for that matter, this even applies to those who have never taken a drug in their life, you must turn your “will” over to God.  You must let Him have it.  He cannot take it nor will trick you into receiving it.  It must be freely handed over with the intention of never requesting it back.  When you are able to turn your “will” over to Him, then He is able to return it back to you in a way which will be awesome.  You “will” be a changed person and can live your life in victory.

We try to give up all of these addictions and can name them by name: drugs, alcohol, sex, food, gambling; you name it we have given it up but it seems we never do, do we?  No, we haven’t.  It isn’t until we give Him our will then those things go away.


The best gift we can give to God is “us”.