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The way to obtain victory over addictions is by “being changed”.  It is not something we can do on our own.  We must have the work of God in our lives, otherwise the struggle to remain in a state of clean-living will always exist.  The Bible says, “renewing of our minds” is the key to being a changed person.  It is not what the body craves which makes you an addict.  Addiction is more of the mind and this is where only God can step in and fix.

You have to submit yourselves to Him and allow Him to do what only He can do.  I cannot explain the process.  I can only tell you once completed there is no longer any turning back.  There is no desire to do so.  Those things which interested me once before have no bearing on me today.  I submitted to Him changing me and He did it.  Now, the very thought of doing it again repulses me and this is the way it should be.  Sure, if I think about the feeling, yes, it is pleasurable, but when I think about what occurs, sinning before Him and knowing I am displeasing Him and will hate myself afterwards, this is what keeps me away, and again, knowing I don’t have to do it.

Man cannot heal addiction and rightfully has admitted such.  The best they can do is to assist you from doing the act.  If you are chained to a wall the remainder of your life and never pick up a drug again, are you still an addict?  Yes, you are.  You have been merely inconvenienced.  Now put the drug on a table in front of me and cut the chains.  If I never touch it I have been released by more than those chains.  I have been freed from which is an awful existence of life.  This is what I’ve been striving for and “thank God” have achieved.


Don’t doubt God can do it.  He’s done it for me, and many others, and you are next.