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One of the things I detested when I began this road of recovery was attending meetings and listening to the attendees talk about their victory over the bottle or pipe, and then practically sit on the edge of their chairs just waiting for the break, so they could take in their too long waited for smoke of nicotine and cup of caffeine. There was candy, sugar-filled pastries for those who are still “jonesing” for something other than what would be served on the table and I thought to myself, “This is what I am supposed to be excited about?”

When I asked God to clean me up, to remove my addiction to a particular substance, He agreed; but He also made it clear He had no plan on stopping with just this one.  He wanted a total man to stand before Him and this meant cleaning up those other cherished “addictions” which didn’t get me into trouble with the current laws of the country.  He was also concerned about the laws of diet and proper caring of this body.  Those things which contaminate me physically will also have an influence on my mental abilities which sets me up for failure with those old familiar addictions I’ve come to love.  God required “everything” to come to an end and He was just the God who could arrange it.

There is no doubt, I feel better.  I’m thinking clearer and am doing more than I’ve done in a single day now than I did in two.  If I continue along this path it will be amazing what He will be able to do with me and through me, so I’m anxious to continue along the path He has given me.  I thought my drug of choice was difficult to give up.  Try that bowl of ice-cream and barbecue chips just before bedtime.  Now THIS is my struggle.  It is easy to justify it not being as bad as the other, but the truth of the matter is, it’s just as bad and in so many more ways. 


God doesn’t stop with the apparent one that’s a problem.  No, He wants to do a complete weeding of your garden.