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The day began by having a car accident!  I wasn’t hurt nor the other person, but their car was creamed while tearing up some plastic on the car I am driving, rear-ending me.  It was hot and uncomfortable and too early in the year for a northern-boy like me now living in the South.  I went to two post offices too jammed pack with people for me to stand in line.  I wanted to do a few other things but too tired, low sugar, frustrated, I needed to just get home and sit down before the regular routine onslaught would begin.

During my travels, I went by one of the “hoods” and noticed a revival tent in the vacant lot and wondered why it wasn’t there when I was on my last hunt.  A few years ago, having the day I was having would have been a pretty good reason to have an illegal prescription filled.  The players were, “out there” and enough for a good quality choice but I choose not to participate.  I chose to leave the scene of what could have been another accident.  I choose life and clean-living.

My friend tells me, you’re going to have more of them.  This is not an educated theory.  It’s a fact.  We are just going to have real bad days, from time to time, but it does not give us the reason to fall backwards.  Want to compound the problem?  Do what you used to do.  Instead, it all can begin to look a whole lot better by keeping your focus.  It’s at the end of the day now and I’ve had dinner, relaxed a bit and typing this devotional and thinking, I’m so glad I have a purpose to live for now.


Might be a bad day today, but I’m responsible for it getting better.