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I have spent a lot of time and pages describing addiction’s pain and what we need to do and the difficulty associated with it at times.  What I would like to do today is offer something more pleasant and assuring of what God is doing in your life.  All you have suffered has not happened for no reason at all.  You have a God who is watching you and comforting you and is doing something else for you, too.  He has special blessings for you.

The Bible says God makes the rain to fall on the just as well as the unjust.  For so long you and I have been unjust and have still enjoyed His blessings, but now, just wait and see what He is going to do for you.  Why?  Because He loves you so much and for Him, He just loves giving good gifts.  I don’t know if you have children, I don’t, but I can imagine the joy you must have as a parent when you have something you want to give your child.  You can’t wait to see their reaction to this gift.  In fact, I think you are having more joy in giving it than they could possibly have receiving it.  Is this what it is like?

Can you imagine, then, what God is going through when He does the same for us?  He doesn’t have any limitations to His resources so what He gives to us is purely given based on the principle of love.  What is even more amazing, He’s only just begun to shower us with those blessings which He knows will make us happy.  I’m not talking about “breath”, “good health” or “family and friends”, that’s a given.  I’m talking about some real blessings, those “desires of your heart” kind-a blessings.  That’s what He’s preparing to shower you with until you can’t stand to have anymore!  Now, that’s what I call, “blessings”.


People give until they cannot give anymore.  God is the opposite.  He has so much He can’t stop from giving.