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Elijah was called to make a stand for God (1 Kings 18).  There was just too much talk about “gods” and the issue needed to be resolved.  So, a test was set to make a determination once and for all.  You can read the story if you are not familiar.

The same is needed today with addictions.  There are many who believe there is no cure for addictions such as drugs, alcohol or sex.  However, there are just as many programs set up to help those who they say cannot be cured so they provide “treatment” to put the “disease” into remission.  So, the expectation is, maybe not today or tomorrow but at some point it is to be expected you will have a rough time and make a mistake—relapse.  In the other corner we have God.  He professes He can remove the urge, sensation and addiction entirely from an addict and they never have to return.  Let’s put them to the test.

I will allow you the time necessary to call your: sponsor, meeting room buddy, “god” of your understanding and let’s see if you will find total abstinence and removal of addiction from your life.  I will wait for you and see how long it will take for you to have complete peace in your life.  In the meantime, while we’re waiting for yours to work, mine just did!  He’s removed the tag “addict” from me, took away all my addictions and has placed me on such firm footing I never have to fall again.  Yes, it was just that quick!


If Elijah already proved God does exist and able to do what He says, then why do we continue to call upon those who can’t?