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In my book I make this assertion, when on the road to recovery the likelihood of relapsing is to be expected and one should not be alarmed.  Today, while on my meditative walk I discovered I erred in this belief.  Let’s examine it closer:  if I have placed my life in God’s hands and leave my progress in changing my life to Him, He will not fail to bring about absolute healing.  This is a fact.  There cannot be any failure on God’s part “when” He is in absolute charge.  So, does this mean I will relapse?  No.  It does not mean you will.  When you have made decisions separate from Him, then you can expect failure or relapse.

It is time to make this statement concrete and stand upon this truth:  you cannot fail if you let God take charge.  GOD DOES NOT FAIL.  When we make the statement: “relapse is a part of recovery”, we are setting ourselves up for a fall.  This doesn’t have to be.  God never brings resolve in your life and then snatches the rug from under your feet to see how you will land.  He keeps the rug in place for as long as you desire to cushion yourself against life’s challenges.  It is only when we decide to tread a step or two away from the rug is when we have problems.  Notice I am suggesting a rug and not a carpet?  You see, a carpet covers a whole lot of area but a rug is something which is placed strategically and normally is a protection or guide.  God has given us Christ as a protector or guide, a rug if you will, to show us where we should be placing our steps.  I guess that’s one reason why the famous book, “Steps to Christ” was written.

Let us no longer attribute a fallacy to an infallible God.  Let’s no longer justify “our” mistakes and place it on Divinity Who cannot make a mistake and take the responsibility for the failure, ourselves.


We know God can never fail and if He tells us we should be “perfect” then we are able to achieve this goal, in Him.