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If this is what you are experiencing in your life, right now, you are headed for a tremendous fall.  I have read this somewhere, more than once and can attest it was my downfall.  I was secured in my employment and having money available to pursue whatever sensual delight I wanted.  Perhaps the same has happened to you which got you addicted, and if you are reading this and do not suffer from addiction, if you continue along the path already mentioned, you will find yourself reading these devotions from a different perspective, as an addict.

If whole nations and empires have fallen because of their sense of security and sensuality what makes you think it will not happen with you?  I have come to the understanding, now, there is no such thing as security except it comes from God.  There is nothing good about sensuality which can be mentioned.  It clouds the reason and will have you follow wherever it may lead, hence addiction.

Yes, many a great man, and woman, has been robbed of life and dreams because of thinking there was nothing wrong with what they were pursuing and they were okay with it.  They felt secure in the decisions they made and could have what they wanted, and would not allow anyone to detract from it and now they live in poverty and shame.  Not so much poverty in the sense of being without means but poor in being a human being without purpose.  They dread every new day which brings the same as yesterday—nothing.

There is so much more to life than the reason which has brought us where we are today.  Therefore, there should be no desire to return.


Let God have those things which separate you from Him.  He can handle it better than we have.