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I learned to start seeking this quiet space with God in prison.  I had opportunity to do so when I was at liberty, but when I didn’t follow what I knew was right, I had to seek it in the confines of a prison block housing 140 others.  When I wouldn’t seek Him in the church on the outside, I sought Him now in the chapel of the block.  Whatever it took, going back to my cell in the midst of a noisy crowd, closing my door, I sought Him because I needed Him.  I needed Him before doing anything else.  I needed Him instead of doing everything else.  While other men were wasting time trying to get from the beginning of the day to the end, I was spending my efforts trying to fill that time with meaningful dialogue and understanding.  While men were spending hours over a chessboard, I spent many hours seeing the chess-match which had been my life and thankful “check-mate” hadn’t been called and I the loser to the enemy.

You need to find this quiet place and time to spend with God.  It’s imperative you not let another day pass without this having started and then continued, daily.  I just cannot think of anything more important than this especially for where we are now in our experience, next to going out and sharing with someone what we have received.  And the truth is:  we have nothing to give if we have not received anything.

What should you do when you have secured your time with Him?  First begin by just listening to the Him speaking to your heart and He’ll direct the time spent together.  It is so much better to listen to Him than always speaking.  We speak too much.  I wonder when we speak so much what we are saying?  Are we saying anything at all?  If there is no fire in your life, then you have been speaking too much.  It’s time to change this and learn to listen and He’ll direct your path.


Since He is God and not us, let’s let Him take charge of our time together.