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Now you’ve had some time of clarity of mind to go along with your clean-living I would like to share with you my belief regarding “healing”; healing, when it comes to addiction.  As you can tell by now, I’m a firm believer in God and have to believe when Jesus was here He did perform “healing” miracles.  Can He not do the same today?  When people question my “healing” in overcoming my addictions, I answer back usually in this way, “Is it you doubt God’s ability to heal me or my ability to accept God’s gift of healing?  And if so, why would a wise God promise to give if He knew the recipient is not able to receive?”

Even in the time of Christ there were various types of healing:  some were instant and others occurred over a span of time.  In the many written accounts given in Luke, when Christ healed He prefaced it by saying, “Be it according to your faith”.  It is my understanding if you have little faith you will have “little healing”; a large amount of faith, a “large amount of healing”.  It is really up to you.  Each one of us is given an amount of faith which can be developed and added “if” we would only believe.  What is believing?  Accepting what God has said is true.

Does God want you to continue struggling with addiction?  No.  Has He or will He offer you a better way of living than the one you have known?  Yes.  Can God heal you from substance abuse?  Yes.  Will you receive it?  The answer is up to you.  Let no one tell you there is no healing from addictions.  Let no one tell you there is a prescribed way for everyone to follow.  Whether it took a moment or several months, or years for healing to take place in your life, it was given by a word which proceeded from God’s mouth.  He is offering you an opportunity to “surrender” your addictions to Him.  He is more than willing to remove it from your life; however, it is something you need to do once and for all, by letting Him put into place what is necessary to keep you from returning.


If God doesn’t heal addiction, then man is correct:  there is no cure.