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…but “let” it happen.  Being able to live a life of clean-living will be filled with hardship, difficulty and anxiety if it is something you are trying to do on your own and under your own power.  You cannot make it happen.  It has to happen for you.  Let me explain.

The Person who called you out of addiction was God.  The Person who has prepared a place for you to begin your road to recovery was God.  It is God who will provide for your needs and has already determined what is best for you and will bring it to pass.  The Bible says, “He that has begun a work in you will finish it.”  He is responsible for bringing this all to pass.  What is our responsibility, our job in this?  Accepting and being content it is taking place.  God has long ago desired our clean-living and freedom from substance abuse.  He has done it.  He is handing it to us now for our experience to be lived.  It is so much better than what we had before, but our problem comes when we force things to happen because we don’t see them happening fast enough or as we think they should be.  This is the crux of all of our problems.

What is the rush?  Why are you in a hurry and where are you going?  There is not a good answer because we are moving ahead at blinding speed with a destination which has not been told us.  We should now be at a state of resting completely in Him which means we have to learn how to trust Him.  This is not easy at all.

So, our purpose for this second half of the year is to rest in God and let Him take us along the road He has already prepared for us.


When God is in control, we can be assured everything will work just fine.