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When I first came into the “rooms” I was told I should be thinking of selecting someone I could trust to be my sponsor.  I was instructed what this “sponsor” would do for me and how they would help me.  Someone I could trust!  I’m glad I never had the privilege of turning down someone who “trusted me” to be their sponsor!!!  Even as I think about it, I cringe to think someone “trusting me” enough to help them through their recovery as their “sponsor”.  Too much responsibility is put upon this “sponsor” role and quite honestly, no one is capable of such other than Jesus.

Aren’t you doing the same thing, Brother Roy, in helping addicts?  No.  In those rooms, the sponsor directed me back to the program, the 12-Steps and meetings.  My sponsor might have had a religious experience but it was not his message to me.  Secondly, I certainly could not share in his religious experience and gain recovery on his coattails.  I had to get my own.  So, I chose a sponsor named, Jesus.  He was able to take care of every issue and whenever I needed a meeting, I didn’t have to go anywhere other than downward on my knees.  I didn’t have to speak, share or listened to anyone sharing their “hope” other than the Holy Spirit who gave me the “hope” which took me out of the pain of addiction.  He didn’t try to do anything but bring about the desired result.  I’m experiencing it even now many years later.

For those of you still in those rooms who haven’t taken a chance to know the True Sponsor, One who has already told you to bring all your cares to Him, to do so, today.  He’s waiting to show you how He is able to remove this awful problem from your life.


There is no repeating of a “Serenity Prayer” with Christ.  It becomes more than words but a meaningful experience.