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At services I heard something quite profound I’d never considered before:  God doesn’t waste anything, not even the pain He permits us to have!

Life has two purposes:  be fruitful and to govern.  When man sinned God took the two areas which was our duty and simply changed it by adding pain.  Now when we are fruitful there is pain associated and when we govern, again there is pain.  Whatever God is using to cause you discomfort is keeping Him in your focus, this is the intended purpose.  When we have gone through the struggles and “pain” it is our duty to use the experience and reach others who are having the same.  How else can they know it will be okay?  Alcoholics are helped by those who are/have been alcoholics and the same for substance abusers.  This explains my own passion for those caught in addiction because I know the pain and struggle to stop.  Having achieved a modicum of success, thanks to God, I feel it is my duty to reach those who are undergoing the same pain.

When I think over the many years I laid hungry in rooms filled with disgust and filth and knowing it all due to the decision I made to pick up that one day, and then the inability to stop using, stealing, selling and lying to obtain more which kept me in the vicious hold of addiction, I am content now God can use me to help others who may not know how to come out of it.  I shared with a family member, who has a son involved in drugs:  If God has allowed me to go through this experience so I might be able to share with you the things you’ve learned this evening, then fine.


There is a “divine” purpose in all things concerning us.