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Normally I write for those who are in programs or ministries addressing their need to continue their path in their quest to overcome their addiction.  A whole lot of “theirs” in that last sentence but today’s message is for those who are loving and responsible for you.  They need some good advice, too.  So, you are permitted to read “their” message about you, today.

In the midst of a summer June day as the weather is inviting and people are feeling their strength, and having cabin fever, and wanting to get out and about, your loved one, who is where they need to be is having fleeting moments of thinking how nice it would be to be out of the place designed for them.  They may allude to going home and thinking they’re able to get back on track and be that husband, wife, son, daughter, employee, etc., and so they are hoping not to hear anything negative from you.  What should you do?  Yes, you want them back but the truth is you’d be making a serious mistake.  So, this is the only answer you should practice today.  The word is simple and doesn’t take much to pronounce but it will take all you are worth to say it.  The answer is, “no”!

Let them know they don’t have a home to return to, or job, at this point.  Tell them they don’t have any family or friend who’s excited to see them return before they are finished with their course.  This was something good which began a little while ago and nothing has changed in terms of their completion date, except their attitude, but that’s not good enough to make any drastic changes to the agreed upon schedule.  So, the answer is, “no”.

By saying “yes” you are in effect saying “no” to their being able to succeed in something, finally, in their life.  The best love you can show right now is in supporting them by not making anything available to block their growth.  Let them do this.  Let them have the time needed to finish what will be the beginning of their life. Not many have a second chance.  Where they are now “is” that second chance.


Every “yes” right now is actually a “no” in their life of achieving success.