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You’ve asked Him to help you.  He’s initiated the whole process for you and will see you through, but you want to specify how it should be done and unless you are having it your way, you aren’t having any of it.  Hmm, sound familiar?  As a direct result of this attitude actuated in behavior which is not helping anyone, explains why you are not experiencing any happiness or joy right now.  People are tolerating you instead of working with you and everyone wishes it wasn’t this way.  Even you, so what needs to happen?

Come to the realization, “I don’t have all the answers”.  If you did have the answers, you wouldn’t have stayed, “out there” as long as you did and you certainly would not be where you are now.  It’s not the ministry/program that is too long, or doesn’t serve good food, or gives you too much to do and not enough relaxation time, or allows you to go where you want to go, but it is GOD who has put all of these rules into place and for your welfare.  You have to remember this.  Whatever it is you are experiencing is surely a lot better than where you were otherwise you’d still be, “out there”, so just get through what has been purposely set into place for you.  It does work and will work if you work it.  Oh, I promised not to use those cliches from the other guys, but the truth of the matter is, it does work.

Think about it for a moment:  Long before you were born God saw this day in your life and knew you’d have this trouble.  He knew it.  Now, you have an opportunity of getting beyond yourself and where God would like to place you.  The problem, now, isn’t the drugs or alcohol, even family and friends or staff.  The common denominator of the problem, right now, is you.  And only you can get over it.

Telling God what you won’t do is just….just….plain stupid.