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One of the most prominent problems faced in recovery is we are too busy looking around us and “envying” those who have been blessed.  We see the cars, houses, families, money and apparent happiness and we desire it.  There is nothing wrong with desiring but there is something wrong with “coveting”, wanting something so badly we would do whatever it takes to get it, and being so consumed on having it we forget or discount our own reasoning of why we are here.

Certainly, there are blessing ahead, for you, when you have gain ground on addiction, but keep in mind those you see have been placed in front of you for a purpose.  It is to have “hope” in that all you are doing will not be in vain.  There is no guarantee, nothing written and stamped with God’s approval this is what He will do for you.  These are the blessings He has given to them and you should be pleased someone, such as you are and were, have been restored to some semblance of happiness.  Yours is coming.

We have to keep in mind God has called us to this place where we are right now and when He sees it fit, He will grant those things which we would like and make us happy.  He gives us in moderation so we don’t lose sight on what is most important:  our relationship with Him should be ongoing and not temporary when we have received what we want and then have no further need of Him!  Oh yes, this is a major problem not just for addicts but for those who’ve never tasted substance abuse.  There are many other forms of “substance” abuse which doesn’t include drugs and alcohol.  This is why so many people who were blessed with “shiny things” lose them because they got caught up in the reflection and brilliance and not in the Source.

Don’t put all your interest in attaining earthly “stuff” when our focus should be on heavenly blessings.