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There is nothing preventing us from falling especially when we are not paying attention to those around us who fell.

During the beginning stages of my recovery, both in houses of ministry, three of the key people responsible for me and my fight of addiction fell!  Two of them I never heard or saw them again and the third we did meet and decided to join forces and combat addiction.  I cannot say I was afraid for myself when I heard of them reverting backwards or better known as “relapsed” because I was too focused on my own circumstances.  I didn’t know then what I know today that no matter how far along this road you travel there is “ALWAYS” the possibility of making a mistake, or better known as “relapse”. 

God places people in our path who will be in their own struggle.  He wouldn’t cause someone to fall just for your benefit but if it should occur remember they are human, too.  Remember they are traveling along the same road you are and it doesn’t matter, or should matter, that you would look upon them as being any different from you.  If anything, you should have compassion for them because you would want the same.  The fact you witnessed someone who was doing so well and fallen, again, should give you this one confidence:  Only God can prevent yours.  We should not feel so secure within ourselves this will not happen to us.  There is nothing of us which prevents us from falling, except God, and when we begin to depend upon our own strategies and think we are incapable of “relapsing” then we are setting ourselves up for that day when it does happen.  And then what?


Our best efforts are nothing when compared to God’s effort for us.