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God never punishes you without you being forewarned.  This is the loving way of such a Great Father.  His love for us is so great, He encourages while correcting in offering stages of help to match our stage in life to bring about the desired result.  He knows exactly where we are in the scheme of things and all done, on our behalf, is in proportion of where we are.  Nothing is too great for us and when it seems it is too advanced, it is done to lift us higher in our experience toward the perfect goal.

As I progressed in my recovery I could see how He brought me along.  What I know today I could never have accepted it in 2002 when, I believe, began my ascent from the life of drug addiction.  What I experienced in 2002, I could never accepted in 1991, when my addiction was in the full-blown stage, never mind in 1989 when I had my first experience.  As I review my history in this walk, I can clearly see how He has brought about these changes, in me, which will get better as I continue to live and experience what He wishes for me.

In contrast, I also learned about failure and warnings He provides.  When I didn’t listen to my heart, what I really wanted to do and my conscience, Him speaking to me, He would tell me what would happen and sure enough, it did!  I didn’t like the “spanking” He gave me but as in all natural spankings, it ends soon and then you get another try to make better.  In receiving Father’s spanking, I recognized it was done not because of what I had done but because of Who He is.  He loves me.  He wishes the best for me and if this would bring about the desired result He would never withhold it from me.


Every crash is meaningful if taken for what it really means.