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…when you’ve decided to allow God to bring you out from addiction.

When you have made the decision addiction will no longer be a part of your life, God will put into place every necessary ingredient to make this decision a reality.  There is nothing you can do for yourself which will not bring about His efforts to couple with yours into achieving your goal.  He has placed within you the desire and guided you into making this decision and once agreed by turning your will into His hands, He will hold nothing back.

Whether it is from a secular or religious program/ministry, all genuine effort will be rewarded.  This is the key:  genuine.  The other key to making it work is:  effort.  The remaining key to achieving total success is:  sharing.  You cannot have a fulfilling and successful lifestyle of clean-living without these three components.  Each one works together and is intermingled to produce the result you want:  clean-living.  For so long, we were “genuine” in our “effort” to acquire and in “sharing” with others our find, our lives were lost to addiction.  Now, through “genuine” “efforts” in wanting to be a participant in “sharing” our recovered stories of what God is doing for us will be the catalyst, not only for others, but ourselves in having clean-living lives.

God will never overlook anything you do on His behalf. 


 Remember the three keys of successful recovery:  genuine, effort and sharing.