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…give God a try.

Society has given up and provided institutions called “rehabs” which will testify not having a cure to a disease, and yet will boast of extraordinary success rates in having clients abstain from addiction.  It is recognized and I accept the premise, “addicts lie”, so when they send out those surveys to former attendees what did they expect to receive back if they received anything at all?  Would someone, “out there” still admit to being, “out there”?  It would smack of failure of themselves, their families and last and not least would be the rehab who supposedly sent them on with all the tools they needed for success.

This is a fact:  God never fails.  He has never lost one person who has made the final decision to turn their lives over to Him.  Not one.  With Him working in our life, there is no fear of admitting when we have made a mistake because He is gracious to help us get back on track.  He knows what we are dealing with and has the absolute solution where others do not.  So many times I tried those other ways and they didn’t work.  I realize now, they were dealing with something they had no idea of how deep it runs.  They were trying to treat what could not be treated in a conventional setting.  I needed a miracle and to date, there is only one Source of miracles.  So, give God a try.

He may require you to go to a facility to learn more about Him if you haven’t had this experience or need a refresher.  He may require you to get away from it all and spend time in a setting conducive to getting back on track with life.  Or, He may very well deal with you on a more personal level because for you it is all that is required.  Whatever way He brings you, it will be the way to success which is only possible through Him.  So, if the others say they can’t, why waste time?  Go the One who says, “I have already”.


They say, “With God all things are possible”.  Well, they aren’t if we don’t try Him.