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This morning I awakened about an hour before I usually do.  I did have a disturbing dream, but I don’t believe it was the real cause of my lack of sleep especially since I went to bed later than usual, but I attribute it to a need for prayer.  Not only did I think God woke me because I had a need to pray as well, as it being He had a desire to hear from me.  While there were storms throughout the night, there are storms in my life.  Now since morning is here it seems calm outside and the same is needed in my life.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is for our lives, it is those same situations which should draw us closer to Him to let Him know what is on our mind which trouble us.  We need to hear from Him to learn what it is He wants us to do.  These things will remain a secret until we spend the necessary time in conversing with Him.  How many times has He waited for us and we have failed to spend any real quality time with Him?  Those harried prayers over meals and before falling asleep cannot possibly be the conversation He wishes to have with you.  If this was the type of communication you’d have with a spouse, child, or employee/employer how long do you think the relationship would last?  It wouldn’t and couldn’t.

I intend to get dressed now and have a little something to eat and then put on my sneakers and spend some time outside while the new day is dawning and talk with my God.  You may not have the privilege if you are in the beginning stages of recovery, but can’t you find somewhere where you can go and it is just He and you?  Go find it now.  God is waiting to hear from you.


He’s always waiting to hear from you.  Perhaps that’s why we are so confused now because we haven’t spent time with the Source of clarity.