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…from returning back to the struggle.

You have memories of visiting with friends and spending time with them?  Perhaps those special friends you enjoyed having Thanksgiving Dinner.  Perhaps it was the time spent after having a rousing church service.  It could have been a lazy weekend doing nothing and just sitting on lawn chairs, out on the deck or porch, swatting gnats.  Whatever time it was, it was a pleasant time.  If you listen carefully to those people whose company was graced with your presence they will admit to you you were missed from the holiday dinner, and from time to time, their eye glanced to the chair you once occupied.  They will tell you you were missed when there were gatherings and it was not your voice they heard.  Those lazy weekends were not the same because you were not there.  You were missed. 

All of this can happen again.  Now you are back and it is time to be reunited with them and get back into doing those things which were simple but filled with such joy.  And you can be certain once you are back into the fold, they will do all they can to keep you because they are not willing for you to be lost again and missing from their lives.  This is what friendship is all about.  It is what relationships are all about.  Wanting to hold onto the other so tightly to prevent another period of time of you being back, “out there” because the relationship is affected in such a way it is like someone dying, and to have it recognized there is even a chance of this happening in the real is not a pleasant thought.

You have a responsibility today to begin attending those dinners, spending lazy weekends and now instead of swatting the flies of filth from hovering over your unwashed body, swatting those pesky gnats will now be a pleasure.


When we are reunited with friends, it keeps us from wanting to be reunited with those who are friends only while you had something to use.