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One of the greatest weapons against addiction is the power of prayer among friends.  First, to have such a bond with another human being is in itself filled with so much power and to couple it with prayer, inviting God to join with you in defeating this awful foe, what addiction can possibly stand?

Along this road to recovery you will be brought into a mindset of re-establishing friendships which might have been, not broken, but put off until such a time as this.  True friendships never die.  In fact, the distance along with the troubles you have faced has only made them stronger even though maybe not articulated.  Once you have reached toward recovery and desire to rejoin friends, who have been praying for your safety while you were struggling, “out there” are more than ready to join you, in prayer for your completeness. 

To hear a friend call out your name to God is such a powerful force knowing God is listening and ready to put into motion your salvation.  It is not just recovery which is given you but salvation, the end result of recovery.  We must use this tool, often, to combat the lingering urges and voices which will speak to us because the enemy is not satisfied we have gotten to this level in our experience.  This is truth:  we cannot fail as long as we continue to bend our knees before God.  We cannot fail!  No one who has determined this as a part of their recovery plan has ever lost their battle with addiction!  We are obligated to pray for one another and if this has not occurred with you, today should be that day.

Get that friend by phone, email, in the next room, however method necessary and simply say these words:


I need to pray with you, this time.