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When I decided to let God save me from my addictions He guided me into paths which would bring about the desired result.  Many decisions were made for me because I was unable to make those decisions with my clouded mind.  As I was gaining ground against addiction, I began to lean on those things, people and places which seem to work for me, believing they were the reason for the success and suddenly I was faced with failure again! What I thought was my strength I learned was a crutch and God removed it until I began to understand my true strength, guide and companion through these difficult days was Him.

When we consider the Children of Israel making the golden calf we wonder after seeing all they saw how could they revert backwards?  We are guilty of the same thing.  We see the wonderful miracles God does on our behalf and still we want to give the credit to man or things and not the One who has put man and those things into our path to work on our behalf.  So, when we begin to idolize them, God will remove them by various ways until we come face to face with Him and began to see the true Source of our recovery; God and God alone.

God has already told us He is a “jealous” God.  He will give His credit to no one and until we come to the realization He means what He says, then we will continue to stumble along a path which need not be.  Although you are in a ministry or program receiving the help you need, understand God didn’t need to use them in order to get you back on your feet.  He could have done it instantaneously; but many of us would not accept being healed in this way because we are not able to accept true healing in the way it was meant to be, by faith.  We have an expectation we have to do something so God has to bring us along in this way.  We need to learn God doesn’t need our help or the help of others, but until we recognize what He wishes to give us, He already has.  We just need to accept it, by faith; He has healed us already and live accordingly.

The only reason why recovery takes so long is because of our lack of belief.