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We have nothing we haven’t been given.  Such an awesome and profound statement and when considered will bring a sobering realization, “we are not all that!”  Do not think back about what it was you had, just as well as you cannot think about what you will have now you are returning from a life of addiction.  Whatever was given was given by God and if He intends for you to have it there is nothing which can prevent it from occurring.  No one can take this away from you, except you, of course.

Too often while in recovery, we testify to others and ourselves, what we “had” in our past life.  We talk in such a manner which boasts of pride.  However, if those things were so good then why are you here?  On the opposite side of the spectrum, we will spend time daydreaming about what we are going to finally achieve because we are becoming free from the entanglement of addiction.  Do you believe God is bringing you through all of this just so you can have property, a good job and family?  I think not.  He never promised to do this to begin with.  What He has promised was a life of eternity.  Can this be enough for you? 

God has taken great steps on your behalf in order to bring you out from the mess you were in just a few short days ago.  Yes, days!  No matter how you look at it whether you have been free from addiction even for years, it is merely days for Him and it can be just days before you return!  So, every “day” we need to be mindful it is not us, not a sponsor, not a meeting, not a fellowship, not a program or ministry, not a hospital or pastor, not any “thing” other than God which is keeping you for this day, today.  It is His power which brought you out and it is His power which will sustain you.  Do not be fooled by those “shiny things” in life when after the glitter are just things.  He has so much more to offer you now, since you are with Him, in planning the remainder of your life and He knows what good gifts to give you. 


What greater gift could we have than to receive eternal life when we didn’t deserve it!