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Oftentimes, we will have this thought as we are traveling this road of clean-living, “I want to be rid of all my addictions—now!”  The truth of the matter is, we will, just not all at the same time.  Although in God’s accounting of time, when we make this prayer, the very same day, we are no longer addicts because God has healed us, but in our concept of time it may take weeks and sometimes years for us to overcome a particular addiction we face in our lives.  However, recognize this, they will all go.  They all must go in order for us to reach the level He intend us to reach.

Do not be disappointed which lead to frustration and give up when you seem to be constantly battling addiction.  If you are, then you are trying to do it under your own power and might find satisfaction temporarily but because of our human nature and makeup, you will surely fail.  You must attain this goal by using God’s power which He gives whenever we need and consistent with it.  You cannot accept failure in one instance as total failure.  You must get yourself back on track and move forward using the failure as a reminder of who we are, yet what we have accomplished so far with Him as an indication all is well.

We have decided to undertake such a grave task of overcoming addiction in our life so we can be brought into fellowship with God.  There is no way He will allow you to fail because He desires you to be in His presence.  He has given all resources needed for you within your reach if you would just take it and then use it.  You cannot be fearful of failure.  For this is the lie told you by the enemy and if listened to, you will fulfill it and this is opposite what God has already determined for you.  You just need to accept and utilize it for your achievement.

Why be afraid of failure when it is already understood by you.