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Everything short of God, we depend on, will fail us.  This is the inevitable.  If your hope for clean-living is in the ministry, minister or staff, counseling, and not personally on God Himself, you are setting yourself up for failure.  All of these vehicles are put together for your usage but they are not the “end all” of all things.  They are to get you to where you need to be to have begun a relationship with God, who is the answer for all things.  When I came into the ministry for healing from my addictions, I had to re-establish a relationship with God.  I needed to go deeper than ever before and accept my knowledge and walk was superficial.  I prayed to get to know God and to have Him reveal Himself to me.  He did so.

So many of us, and this is normal, will turn to someone we can touch, speak with, can see to help us in our downward spiral.  Thankfully God has placed such capable people in our path to help us, but they are not the answer.  They point us to Him.  Now it is time for you to develop a personal relationship with Him and He will help you to do this, too.  How?  By withdrawing from us when we think we need Him the most.  Think about it?  You don’t realize you want water until you are thirsty.  You don’t recognize a need for food unless you are hungry.  You don’t even think about breathing and your body doesn’t realize it needs oxygen until it needs to take another breath.  So, the same is with God.  He will allow you to fall into situations where you will call out to Him to assist you and bring you out.  This is what our addiction was all about.  This is what it is supposed to lead you to, to Him.  Only He is able to bring you out and completely.

So, do not take God’s absences in your life as a form of leaving you and allowing you to suffer with no purpose.  No, it is so you can see your need and then learn how to turn to the One who is more than able to relieve you.


He is always just right there.