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This is why I do not depend upon conventional methods of overcoming addiction:  THEY DON’T WORK.  GOD DOES! 

Overcoming addiction is a major achievement in anyone’s life.  What held you captive, for so long, cannot be treated lightly, and thoughts of having to deal with such, for the rest of your life, are neither productive nor necessary.  Many will not believe God is the answer and will suggest ways which are most inferior to what only He is able to accomplish in your life.  God can and will rid this problem in your life so you can go forward living a productive and quality of life devoid of all problems of addiction, but it is based upon “your” belief, not others.

I have refused to let others put me onto their scale of sobriety and to have others determine if I am well or not.  I know the God whom I serve and I believe I know what He is trying to do for me and I am working so hard to let Him accomplish His plan for my life.  His plan may involve others, but they will not become the ruling factor.  Their job is to continue pointing me in His direction when I am having a bad moment.  They are accustomed to pointing me to Him because they continually are doing so in their own lives, so I surround myself with those of like belief and together, as a community proceed closer to the goal, not of counting days until the next fall, but of complete clean-living which can only come from God.  You see, God is preparing us to spend eternity with Him.  So, let’s let Him do only what He can do and that is finishing the preparation needed to get us from here to there.


 God has said He will heal us.  If we cannot depend upon Him, then who could we possibly trust to help us achieve this goal?