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There are people in this world, friends and family, to whom you will never be any good.  Ever!  They are so wounded by what you did to them and from what they’ve done to themselves regarding you, they can no longer have anything positive to say or think about you.  For many of them, you are their entertainment.  They see you as some side-show freak who will never be a part of their lives or circle of love ever again.  This is common for us who have lived the life of addiction.  There are others you haven’t done a thing against them but they will never extend you kindness, support, or friendship because of what you have done.  They are not able to get past this point.

Know now, the problem is not you.  Do not be affected negatively by their actions toward you.  You must also remember, you do not have a need to demonstrate to anyone what you are going through now to prove anything.  There are no phone calls to be made, no letters to write, nothing to purchase to show them who you are today.  You just need to continue in the way you have been and keep yourself on this road to success.  If you fail for one minute, you will give reason for them to continue thinking in this narrow way about you.  Yes, they may believe in healing and speak about it but when it comes to you, it is impossible.  You cannot change their minds.  You’re not supposed to.  It is God’s job.  God has changed you from who you were into who you are today.  The only One who deserves to be pleased about what is happening in your life is Him because He’s the One doing it.

The old saying, “God is the only One who has a heaven to take you to” is true. So, just be appealing to Him.