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…to when God is speaking to you.  When there is a warning given, it may come subtle; it may come only once, so you must listen when God is speaking to you.  God will not send a message and it not be heard.  What happens afterward will be based upon our actions, but nothing will happen without it coming first from God speaking to your heart.

Some people say, “I wished I had listened to my ‘first’ mind.”  God often speaks subtly, and I have recently been praying, “God, please speak clearly to me and not in a confusing way.”  This is when I am putting God on my level.  God is not on my level.  He does speak clearly to me/us but we are wanting more than what He is willing to give us for the time.  Trust God to know how to deal with us and we’ll be much better off.

I write a lot but today I’ll stop here so we’ll spend more time listening.


  Did you hear that?  Shush, listen…